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Membership Benefits & Qualifications

Invest in yourself

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When you join CREW, you are making an important investment in your business, advancing your career, and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate. Everything we do is designed to help our members be successful—this includes facilitating networking and leadership development opportunities, advocating for women in the industry, and connecting you to other members to give and get business.

By joining CREW Northern Nevada and the entirety of CREW Network, you are advancing your career and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate.

Every CREW member contributes to the collective knowledge, experience, and voice of CREW Northern Nevada and CREW Network.

Member Categories & Dues:

Membership classification is based on your particular qualifications and experience in the commercial real estate industry. Please review the membership criteria below and select the applicable membership classification for you. Persons serving in a support capacity (assistant or secretarial position) or staff position are not eligible for membership.

  • Individual (Full Year Dues = $375 | Mid-Year Dues = $215) - open to individuals currently employed in, who have 5+ years of experience in, a qualified field of commercial real estate (QFCRE)**

  • Associate (Full Year Dues = $375 | Mid-Year Dues = $215)  - open to individuals currently employed in, who have between 1-5 years of experience in, a qualified field of commercial real estate (QFCRE)**

  • Affiliate (Full Year Dues = $375 | Mid-Year Dues = $215)  - open at the discretion of the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors to individuals with a minimum of one (1) year direct experience in a field related to commercial real estate, such as commercial real estate journalism or publishing janitorial or security services, and so on

  • Student - Undergraduate (Full Year Dues = $375 | Mid-Year Dues = $215)  - open to students enrolled full-time (12+ credit hours) in a college or university undergraduate program intended to lead to a career in commercial real estate

QFCRE list is below. Definitions can be found online
*Learn more about and apply for a CREW Northern Nevada dues scholarship here.

Important Notes: 

  • CREW Network memberships are based on a calendar year, and expire on December 31 of each year. 

  • Membership is tied to the individual and is non-transferrable from person to person, either within a company or otherwise.

  • Membership dues are non-refundable, and must be paid prior to activation or renewal of said membership.

  • A supportive environment that promotes the creation of long-term business relationships

  • Opportunities to engage and do business with peers from every discipline of the industry

  • Increased visibility in your local market

  • Regular occurring market-focused events and leadership programs for career and personal development

  • Opportunities to serve on a committee, the board, or in other leadership roles

  • Discounted registration to local CREW programs and access to members-only events

  • Access to the CREWbiz online community – a daily digest of referrals and opportunities to connect across the world

  • A directory of all 13,500+ CREW members searchable by area of expertise and more

  • The opportunity to apply for an Impact Award, which recognizes member excellence

  • Virtual year-round programming on industry topics as well as private member-led discussions

  • Discounted registration for CREW Network events, including the annual convention, leadership summits, Leadership Certificate and Emerging Leaders Retreat

  • Access to members-only CREW Network, chapter, and affiliate events across the globe

  • We are continually adding member benefits! See the full list of CREW Network global membership benefits here.

Northern Nevada Membership Types

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Individual/Full Member ($375)

Employed in a substantially full-time, professional position, the primary responsibilities of which are in one or more of the Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (more than 5 years experience)
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Associate Member ($375)

Employed in a substantially full-time, professional position, the primary responsibilities of which are in one or more of the Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (less than 5 years experience)
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Affiliate Member ($375)

Employed in a field related to commercial real estate which supplies a service or product to Full Members

Membership includes access to the CREWbiz Community

CREWbiz is an online business networking tool, membership directory, personal marketing profile and more. Use your profile on CREWbiz to promote your unique skills and expertise to our member base of over 14,000 commercial real estate professionals. Members use the CREWbiz Open Forum to give and get business referrals, share resources and connect across the network. Members know through experience there are no cold calls in CREW Network.

CREWbiz Community Information
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The online application process can be found here.

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